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Amma Education Society is an Indian non government Organization(NGO) working towards restoring basic rights of survival to children at the budding stage to give them a better future. Our Mission: mission is to provide food shalter to the destitute and deprived, education for wisdom to children, moral support to physically and mentally challenged and health care to the poor. Objectives The main objective of AES is to construct home for the destitute and deprived children. old age people, physically and mentally challenged. To provide the medical facility to the poor in rural and urban slum areas and to establish the schools and colleges to provide education for poor children. To fight against unemployment by giving support for self-employment. Readmore…

Prakasam Engineering College

Prakasam Polytechnic College

Prakasam PG College


I take it a privilege to welcome you all to the esteemed Prakasam Engineering College which originated in my mind as a vision of providing to the society young quality engineering graduates who can create bench marking developments in the field of Engineering and Technology.

At Prakasam Engineering College our mission is to provide standard education and make students develop the skills required to exhibit their talents to meet challenging issues. So we encourage students develop more confidence levels, high self esteem, research and problem solving skill set and significantly to think differently and independently.

PEC provides state art infrastructure with a committed and dedicated team of qualified and motivated faculty for the student community. We have taken a responsibility of enhancing the job seeking opportunities by strengthening the placement department who constantly and persistently strive in bringing right companies to the campus being well associated with the industry.

I finally say it is laudable that a full swing of a value based training is given in the areas of communication skills, inter personal skills and soft skills which are highly accountable for their future success.

Wishing you a successful path,
Dr. Kancharla Ramaiah


I am very glad to mention 2 worth mentioning activities of PEC on this auspicious occasion which no engineering in entire India has done so far. First one, we established on-campus “Airtel BPO” which is providing employment for around 600 rural needy and downtrodden. Second, we are about to start on-campus software development company for the benefit of rural students.

Wishing you a successful path,
Kancharla Srikanth

Dr. Kancharla Ramaiah

Hon’ble Chairman of PEC

Kancharla Srikanth

Hon’ble Director of PEC